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Wealth Management

As difficult as it is to accumulate wealth, it is just as difficult to maintain the fortune. At SweetWater Securities we offer financial counseling services focused on investments, in an exclusive and personalized manner, ensuring the efficient transfer of your family legacy.

We are specialists in guiding investments from the perspective of preserving, distributing and transferring assets between generations.

We work as a point of custody, execution, information and reconciliation of the investment account assets of our clients.


Planning, Implementation, Revision



  • Constant counseling to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Analysis of strategies that optimize the portfolio performance.
  • Timely communication of information in such a way that clients have access to the details of the revenue generated from the investment funds, the performance of the investments, and the consolidated wealth financial statements every month.
  • Clarity and transparency through fluid communication and personalized reports according to the portfolio of each client.
  • Planning in regards to future flows, easing the possibility to make reinvesting decisions or to use the funds.