Products and Services

Investment Management

Securities brokerage and counseling

Intermediary services of securities, including the purchase and sale of stock, public and private bonds, investments in short term instruments and negotiation in various mutual funds both in local as well as in international markets.

The purpose of our brokerage platform is to achieve the objectives of our clients by offering personalized investment plans through a comprehensive analysis of each profile and the opportunities offered by the market.

We carry out a study of the investment objective: Receive monthly interest for daily life, appreciation of capital for specific goals, growth of the portfolio to increase shareholder’s dividends, surpass the annual inflation, maximize return according to the level of risk, or any other objective of the client.

We analyze macroeconomic policies and projections along with the microeconomic behavior by country, worldwide, in conjunction with the tendencies of the market, in order to choose the adequate allocation by financial asset in the client’s portfolio, according to his risk/return profile and objective. We then study the specific issuers by region for our asset selection to provide the portfolio investment strategy with the greatest risk adjusted return.

Our team of investment professionals and financial advisors receive economic reports, market analysis, and recommendations on financial securities from various trustworthy sources of information to ensure the decisions we make with our clients are optimal and appropriate.

Local Investment Accounts

SweetWater Securities Inc. has an associated stock exchange seat in the Panama Stock Exchange, and is a participant of Central Latinoamericana de Valores (Latinclear), custodian of the Republic of Panamá.

Latinclear is a centralized securities depository custody where compensation, settlement and management operations of local and international securities can take place.

Through Latinclear’s platform, SweetWater Securities offers its clients brokerage services in Panamanian jurisdiction, operated through our omnibus account, increasing anonymity and wealth protection of our clients.

By means of our associated seat, SweetWater Securities provides access to the purchase of securities quoted in the Panama Stock Exchange, allowing investments in public companies that are leaders in the Panamanian economy and economically benefit from a capitalist country with robust growth.

Furthermore, Latinclear has signed agreements with Clearstream, Euroclear & DTC, which means that through your local investment account in SweetWater Securities Inc., you will now be able to have international investments in custody under Panamanian jurisdiction.

International Investment Account

Pershing LLC

In order to offer our clients the most innovative and robust investment platform, SweetWater Securities has signed a correspondence agreement with Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, main provider of financial services in the world, which services institutions, companies, and high net worth individuals; aside from being the oldest bank in the United States.

Pershing LLC, leader in financial custody and settlement services in the industry, has been recognized for over 70 years as an innovator in Wall Street.

With the operative and custodial support provided by Pershing LLC, SweetWater Securities guarantees trustworthiness in the purchase and sale of securities through flexible and advanced technological systems.

The financial strength of Pershing constitutes the main protection measure for the assets under its custody.

This correspondence allows us to provide our clients:

  • Segregated accounts under personal or legal name.
  • Execution of transactions in a fast and precise manner, with compensation in more than 66 markets and 51 currencies.
  • Access to financial securities from most markets around the world.
  • Timely preparation of high quality account statements, including projected cash flow, unrealized gains and losses, performance, among others.
  • Checkbook and debit card with overdraft line.
  • Sophisticated technology with online access to the account.
  • Safe and trustworthy operational support.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of personal information.
  • Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) federal insurance protection of assets under custody up to US$500,000, including US$250,000 in cash, and commercial insurance protection offered by Lloyds Bank for the total amount of the account.